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MINI BIN RENTALS... We will drop a lightweight driveway
friendly bin on your driveway, you take your time and fill it
with your JUNK when it's full... give us a call and we'll pick it
up.   These bins are most popular for weekend cleanup
renovation jobs, unwanted junk and roofing shingles.
Our bins have barn doors at the back so you are able to
walk inside the bin for easy loading... its so simple!!

Sizes range from 10 cubic yards to 12 cubic yards

Get - R - Dumpt Mini Bin rentals are great for the following...
   ∙ unwanted junk, roofing shingles
   ∙ house/grage clean outs
   ∙ dirt, concrete, sod, and more..
   ∙ furniture, appliances, wood, ect...

YOU load it up with all your junk and we'll pick it up!!
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